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About Us / Why Shop with us?

Knowledge is power. The fact that you are on this page indicates that conventional answers no longer satisfy you and that you are aware of the endless diversions, spin, fluff, and misinformation that have conveniently been placed in front of us. While the rest of the world is sleeping, you have woken up. The knowledge contained in these pages will give you the power to think for yourself instead of being told what to think.

How many times have you walked into a bookstore and were sorely disappointed and frustrated because you couldn't find the Ancient Astronaut / Ancient Mysteries book you were looking for? Well, no need to suffer disappointment anymore.

Legendary Times Books is THE place where you can get your Ancient Astronaut / Ancient Mysteries, and topic related, books. It is by far the largest selection of Ancient Astronaut books ever compiled in one place, and 100% INDEPENDENT!

The most powerful feature of the Ancient Astronaut theory is the fact that it is such an interdisciplinary field of research. Consequentially, research topics are not restricted to one single topic. Since Ancient Astronaut research unifies such a wide range of research topics, it only seemed logical that the Legendary Times Bookstore offers books in ALL fields related to the Ancient Astronaut field.

Legendary Times Books - your INDEPENDENT place to go when you're looking for the most comprehensive catalog of titles you won't find anywhere else. Have a suggestion? Let us know and we'll gladly consider it.

Please make sure to tell your friends and colleagues to visit Legendary Times Books where they too can find the books they're looking for.

The Adventure has only just begun... join us, and Don't Die Wondering!

Why should You Shop with us?

Even though we list the price thatís printed on the cover of each book, you might observe that our books are a bit more expensive than at the large, corporate online booksellers. There IS a reason for that.

Our corporate competitors do not list the cover price because they usually have a profit margin of maybe 10%. Because of the staggering volume at which they sell their merchandise, they can make it work. The simple truth is, if LT Books had a profit margin of 10%, we'd have to close this bookstore today.

Look, we think Amazon is great. We too shop there, occasionally. HOWEVER: the most important difference is that LT Books is 100% independent, so with each purchase you directly support the cause of the Ancient Astronaut / Ancient Mysteries movement!

If I knew there was an independent online bookstore out there specializing in Ancient Astronauts, Ancient Mysteries and other controversial titles, I'd support the independent store.

BECAUSE: the corporate booksellers are KILLING the independent bookstore. While convenient, they really do not put any thought into what books they sell. At LT Books, we handpick each book because we know what a person interested in Ancient Astronauts and Ancient Mysteries or the controversial is looking for.

Also, our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Notice are VASTLY different from ANY other online store (please see links at the bottom) !

The choice is yours: in order to save a little more coin you can continue to support the corporations that are already filthy rich and really don't "care" about you, or you can actually make a difference in how the world works by supporting something you believe in and care about by shopping at LT Books, a small, independent, up-and-coming venture.

And quite honestly, without you, we will not survive.

Personally, we don't like where the world is headed with the massive corporate takeovers. We miss the personal touch. We try to do things like support the local grocer, local coffee shop, local bakery, local butcher, local car mechanic etc., just trying to make a difference.

We know that you can shop with our corporate competitors, but if it has to do with Ancient Astronauts and Ancient Mysteries, or anything else controversial, please buy the books from us. That's all. Thank you!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: LT Books does NOT believe that Jesus was an extraterrestrial, nor does LT Books believe in the Second Coming nor the End of Times. LT Books does NOT believe in "The Rapture." LT Books merely offers this extensive range of material to the interested and well-informed, educated reader, individually capable to discern fact from obvious fiction.

We are also offering books that are critical of the Ancient Astronaut theory. Why? Because it would be scientifically dishonest if we didn't carry those books. Also, you can only build a solid foundation in Ancient Astronaut knowledge if you also study the "competition." In fact, the more you read the debunkers' arguments, the more you'll realize how desperate they're trying to cobble together ways, often with blows below the belt and scathing personal insults, to dismantle a strong theory. Furthermore, the "competition" would never offer books supporting our theory in their bookstores. However, LT Books is a fierce proponent of "honest" science and we also feel so secure about the core of our theory that we're not afraid to share with our readers of what's out there on the "debunkers'" side. We want you to know!
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