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Hello Fellow Ancient Astronaut Theorists!

Thank you for your interest in Legendary Times Magazine. We are a little behind on the publication right now and out of fairness to everyone, the links below have been temporarily disabled. As you’re probably aware, the History Channel TV shows, Ancient Aliens and In Search of Aliens, take up much of Giorgio’s time, in addition to many additional projects he is working on. Giorgio is the only one who oversees the magazine, and while it will continue to publish, it’s just a slower process, at least temporarily. But rest assured, every spare moment he has, Giorgio works on the magazine! We will post a notification here when we are taking Memberships again.

In the meantime, you can read all back issues of Legendary Times Magazine in PDF form, available for purchase on our site under the category Legendary Times Magazine Back Issues.

We thank you for your patience and support! Please tell your friends about LegendaryTimesBooks.com and remember, Don’t Die Wondering! Crack the Code….


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