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Spiritual Technology of Ancient Egypt, The - Sacred Science and the Mystery of Consciousness

Spiritual Technology of Ancient Egypt, The - Sacred Science and the Mystery of Consciousness
Since the dawn of the Age of Science mankind has been engaged in a methodical quest to understand the cosmos. With the development of quantum mechanics, the notion that everything is solid matter is being replaced with the idea that information or “thought” may be the true source of physical reality.

Such scientific inquiry has led to a growing interest in the brain’s unique and mysterious ability to create perception, possibly through quantum interactions. Consciousness is now being considered as much a fundamental part of reality as the three dimensions we are so familiar with. Although this direction in scientific thought is seen as a new approach, the secret wisdom of the ancients presented just such a view thousands of years ago.

Building on René A. Schwaller de Lubicz’s systematic study of Luxor’s Temple of Amun-Mut-Khonsu during the 1940s and ’50s, Edward Malkowski shows that the ancient Egyptians' worldview was not based on superstition or the invention of myth but was the result of direct observation using critical faculties attuned to the quantum manifestation of the Universe. This understanding of reality as a product of human consciousness provided the inspiration for the sacred science of the ancients - precisely the philosophy modern science is embracing today. In the philosophical tradition of Schwaller de Lubicz, The Spiritual Technology of Ancient Egypt investigates the technical and religious legacy of ancient Egypt to reveal its congruence with today’s “New Science.”

• Investigates the history of how modern religion and the Age of Science were inspired by the sacred science of the ancients.

• Examines how quantum theory explains that the cosmos arises from consciousness.

• Reveals the unanimity between Schwaller de Lubicz’s “sacred science” and the science of a cosmos governed by quantum mechanics.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Christopher Dunn

Introduction: The Nature of Knowledge

Part One - Science Mysteries

1 Matter: Mystery of Quantum Reality
2 Consciousness: Mystery of the Observer
3 Cosmos: Mystery of Life
4 Cosmogony: The Origin Mystery

Part Two - The Roots of Ancient Wisdom

5 Changing Paradigms: Science and the Origin of Religion
6 The Historical Basis of the Logos: Greek Philosophy’s Influence on Religious Thinking
7 Egypt: The Ancient Source of Knowledge
8 Moses and the Mystery School: Egyptian Esoterism and the Birth of Religion
9 The Son of Man: Esoterism and the Message of Christ
10 Secret Wisdom: Esoterism and Inspiration
11 Sacred Science: Ancient Wisdom of the Modern World
12 Whispers of a Forgotten Technology: The Testimony of Atlantis
13 The Path of Osiris: The Principles of Consciousness

Selected Bibliography
Author Edward F. Malkowski
Type Quality Paperback
Year 2007
Pages 448
Illustrated yes
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