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Tayos Gold - The Gold Library of Atlantis - Adventures Unlimited Edition

Tayos Gold - The Gold Library of Atlantis - Adventures Unlimited Edition
It all started with Erich von Daniken's The Gold of the Gods! For years EvD was lambasted and accused of perpetrating false information and lies about a mysterious tunnel and cave system in the jungles of Ecuador. This book vindicates EvD and corroborates the story with exact locations and expedition accounts! EvD was correct after all.

In 1976, Scottish engineer Stan Hall organized a landmark expedition to the caves of the Tayos Indians in Ecuador, involving a dozen institutions, joint Special Forces and astronaut professor Neil Armstrong as Honorary President and participant. Hall was driven by curiosity about Erich von Daniken's report of a Metal Library allegedly found in the caves by investigator Juan Moricz in the mid-1960s (published in von Daniken's 1972 blockbuster The Gold of the Gods).

The story was considered unacceptable within an orthodox view of global history, especially in the absence of any ancient written script in South America. On this expedition, Hall began a personal odyssey into the heart of global enigmas: the origins of mankind, Atlantis, Ptolemy's lost city of Cattigara, and the sudden rise and fall of wonder civilizations... a journey that ended with his identification of Atlantis and Cattigara, and the entrance to the Metal Library along the Pastaza River in Ecuador.

This book provides the explosive background to this spectacular expedition to the Tayos Caves in Ecuador in search of what are believed to be the subterranean archives of Artlantis...

Chapters include: Juan Moricz - Master Extraordinaire; Egyptian Tablets of the Mormons; Ecuador: Cradle of Civilization?; The Triangle of the Shell, Tunnels Below the Andes; Discovery in the Caves; Neil Armstrong: Second Small Step; Into the Tayos Caves; Treasure of the Incas; Explorers Percy Fawcett and George M. Dyott; Valverde's Treasure; Tayos Treasure: Analysis and Location; tons more!
Author Stan Hall
Type Quality Paperback
Year 2005, 2006 Adventures Unlimited Edition
Pages 230
Illustrated yes, b&w
Our price: $ 18.95

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