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Archaeological Anomalies: Small Artifacts - Bone, Stone, Metal Artifacts, Footprints, High Technology

Archaeological Anomalies: Small Artifacts - Bone, Stone, Metal Artifacts, Footprints, High Technology
Another excellent compilation of anomalous discoveries, as always, meticulously catalogued by William R. Corliss. This volume tackles: Speculation about ancient flying machines; Claims of ancient knowledge of electricity; Ancient scientific instruments; Ancient calculating devices... more!

High-Technology artifacts: Ancient chemistry; Ancient metallurgy; ancient surgery and dentistry; Micro-work -- The magnificent conundrum; Artifacts fashioned from very hard materials -- the tool conundrum; Potentially anomalous toys and models.

Metal artifacts: Low-tech metal artifacts; Familiar metal artifacts claimed to have been found embedded in geologically old rocks; Heavily mineralized, familiar metal artifacts not embedded in bedrook; Enigmatic, artificial-appearing metallic objects found in ancient rocks.
Pottery artifacts: Pottery that is anomalous in geographical location and/or age; Enigmatic ceramic artifacts.

Stone artifacts: Stone artifacts with anomalous ages; Large assemblages or caches of stone implements; Stone artifacts found in unexpected locations; Pigmy flints and other microliths; Nonutilitarian and totally enigmatic stone artifacts.

Bone artifacts: Anomalous early bone tools; Bone artifacts of uncertain affiliation; Pre-Clovis bone tools in the New World; Anomalous association of animal bones with ancient human presence; Artificially worked animal bones of great age; Grooved, punctured, Pounded human bones; Evidence of ancient skull surgery (trepanation); Scratched and smashed bones: The cannibalism signature; Exotic mummies.

Geological artifacts: Megamiddens -- Giant Bronze-Age waste deposits; Fossil food; Unexplained ground disturbances; Apparent metal tool marks on coalified or petrified wood; Fossilized human-like footprints in ancient rocks; Ancient human handprints; Anomalous Hominid-built hearths and fire areas.

Cloth artifacts: Viking cloth in the High North American Arctic; Diffusion of dyed, patterned textile technology; The early selective breeding of colored cotton in the New World; Stone-Age clothing surprisingly modern; Llama wool indicates selective breeding; Similarity of Chinese and Aztec plumagery; Woven cloth in North American mounds; A woven mat encased in salt; The uncertain origin of the image on the Shroud of Turin.

Wooden artifacts: Wooden artifacts in unexpected places; Advanced wooden weapons; Remarkable ancient wooden tools; Wooden artifacts suggesting unexpected cultural diffusion; Wooden artifacts of apparent great age.

Each one of Corliss' Catalogs and Handbooks is in effect an encyclopedia of the unknown and puzzling that is based primarily upon recognized scientific research. It is the only organized, indexed, unsensationalized collection of difficult-to-explain phenomena. Scientists and the science-oriented layman will find research ideas as well as unexpected observations and many references, and will find thousands of those mysteries that make science exciting. To interpret them is up to you! Guaranteed to whet your appetite to advance your research!
Author William R. Corliss
Type Hardcover
Year 2003
Pages 330
Illustrated yes, extensively, with extremely rare images
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